Worth Featuring

Have you guys ever checked out the “featured content” on the Xanga homepage? I was curious, so just a little while ago I clicked on some of the links. Well, the first person’s didn’t seem all that special to me-just some rant about a guy stealing this guy’s profile pics and using them on Friendster, but he had over 60 eprops. Then there was another one that basically just thanked all of his “xanga friends” for subscribing, and he had over 60 eprops as well. (For the record, I did a post very similar to that not too long ago, and I got a whopping 6 eprops. Clearly I’m doing something wrong.). This guy also spelled words in that annoying way I hate: “bi” for “by”, “bcuz” for “because”, etc., and he’s a member of a blogring called “Jesus Loves Notre Dame!!!,” and that disturbs me on several levels I won’t get into right now. But anyway, I’m not writing this to criticize these people, I’m just wondering how it is they get 60+ people(or 100+ in the case of some other guy) to comment on their site. I mean, I have 75 subscribers, so technically I could be in the running if all of you commented, but I suppose my entries aren’t quite so exciting (and you all have lives). But none of the sites I read were incredibly thought-provoking or even all that entertaining (except for one talking about toilets in Japan that wash your behind), until finally I read one that really struck me. It really is worth featuring and is incredibly brave, so go check it out!

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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