In case any of you were waiting with bated breath to see if I would get up at the crack of dawn to go shopping, I thought I’d update. I did in fact wake up at 5 am, and my dad and I set out for Target. And of course everyone else in Bartlett was there, too, which explains the line that was snaking all the way around the side of the building when we got there a little before 6. My dad and I had a plan, though, so we split up, with him going for a tree in the Christmas area and me heading for the electronics. He definitely had the sweeter end of the deal, let me tell you. Everyone was in the electronics department, and I do mean everyone. (I think I may have even seen George W. checking out the PS2 games.) So I grabbed the digital camera I was going for, and proceeded to spend about 15 minutes just trying to get out of that area. It was crazy and chaotic, but oddly entertaining. I’m weird, what can I say? Dad and I met up in the Christmas area, where he was holding my very first Christmas tree! They had little 6.5 ft. prelit trees on sale for $29.99, so I got one, along with some red and silver ornaments to put on it. I am so excited about going back to the apartment in Knoxville and decorating my tree! Liz and I can have a tree decorating party! I am so excited! (I know I already said that, but really, I am so excited!) I love the Christmas season!

And in other news, it seems that I can’t in fact hate the new Pride and Prejudice forever. It in no way will replace the position that the A&E miniseries holds in my heart, but it was really very good in its own right. The ending was actually superior, I thought. (Don’t hate me, Jessica and Kathleen!) The ending was completely not based on the book or the other movie, but it just made me sigh with happiness, and I love the character of Mr. Darcy. (The actor in this movie is not Colin Firth, but he did a wonderful job.) The dialogue was almost identical in several scenes, and the pace of the dialogue rivals that of Gilmore Girls. Naturally the events were very compressed, and I think in some instances more detail would have helped, but I was very pleased overall. The only true complaint I have is that the actor who played Mr. Bingley was not as good as the one in the A&E version (nor as cute, if I may be superficial), and the way Mr. Bingley was portrayed in this version made him seem a little too vapid. There was also this one particular servant in the Bennet house who just randomly appeared in scenes humming to herself, and I thought it was really annoying and pointless. (Does anyone remember that being in the book? I don’t.) I have to say I really wanted to hate this movie, and I still don’t know why anyone felt that there needed to be another version of this beloved book, but I recommend seeing it nevertheless.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks! Have a lovely weekend!

ETA: Looks like this will be Alias’s last season. Apparently ratings have greatly decreased this season. I wonder if that could be because they killed off one of the major characters? Nah.

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