A Brief Update

Waking up at 9 when you need to leave for school at 8:30=bad. (But it’s fortunate that the leaving at 8:30 is more of an arbitrary, obsessive thing on my part and not a necessity. I don’t have class until 10:10, but I like to get there early so I don’t have to walk a mile and so I can get a little work done. This morning I did well to brush my teeth and wear clean clothes. Sigh.)

I’ve decided that alarm clocks are an ineffective means of waking me up. I have 3, and they don’t do the job so well. What’s an exhausted, stressed grad student to do?

I’ve decided that I’m stupid. Really. How come everyone else in grad school can think of intelligent questions to ask or smart things to say and I just sit there wondering what in the world is going on half the time?

In other news, I think I may have found a church. Two successful visits in a row=promising. Let us hope for more of the same. And lo and behold, exegetical preaching is not dead. Praise the Lord! Seriously, praise Him! For everything.

ETA: Christmas music=happiness.

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