I Know They Didn’t!

WARNING: This entire post will be dedicated to Gilmore Girls, so if you couldn’t care less about the show, leave now. (Although really you should rethink your priorities.) And if you didn’t watch last night’s episode but intend to, don’t read any further.

Okay, now onto the main event–last night’s episode. The big bombshell first. Luke has a daughter. A daughter. What in the world is happening to my show?! Last time I checked, I wasn’t watching Days of Our Lives, but this is so a plot they would do! Granted, the way we found out about it was unique but I just can’t accept this as a good direction for the show to go in. Even though I knew it was coming because I read everything about the show I can find, I was still secretly hoping that all of my sources were wrong about this, but they weren’t. So I’m going with denial. I don’t believe April is really Luke’s daughter. After all, the girl is 12. Couldn’t she have messed up the results? And why haven’t we heard of this Anna woman before? When Rachel was brought up in season one, it was implied that she was one of Luke’s only serious relationships, if not the only one. But now Anna? Seems far too convenient for my tastes.

And Rory. I get that Jess woke her up from her apathetic stupor and she was motivated to get a job and change her circumstances, but her behavior in that newspaper office was absurd. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it’s completely unprofessional to harass an editor day after day after he was nice enough to give you a good reference but informed you he doesn’t have any openings. But what irks me even more is that her nutty behavior was actually rewarded. Can’t something just be a little bit difficult for her for once? I mean, why couldn’t we have seen her looking around, going to interviews or something? Why did we instead get to watch her practically get on her hands and knees and beg for this job, when she probably could have found one somewhere else? (Someone did call the Dragonfly about a reference, after all.)

I was absolutely thrilled that Lorelai and Rory reconciled, but it seemed to me that it all was a little too easy. Here’s what the dialogue could have been:

Rory: Hey Mom!
Lorelai: Hey Rory! Long time no talk!
Rory: Yeah, well, you know, I’ve been busy being an Emily clone. But guess what? I got a job! And I’m going back to Yale! Even though it’s the end of the semester! And I’m going to find my own place to live! Can I come over?
Lorelai: Of course you can! Let’s just put all that baggage behind us and hug in the front yard!
Rory: Okay, here I come!

I mean, seriously. It was that fast and that easy. Rory did apologize and say she’d “messed up,” but I was expecting a little more than that, I guess.

Anyway, the episode was really good in that stuff actually happened (as compared to other episodes this season where the most exciting thing is a $5,000 purse), but I’m really nervous about where things are heading with the Luke/Lorelai/daughter angle. And now Christopher’s going to reappear as well! Why must they keep playing the Christopher card? Good grief! Missing: one favorite show. Gilmore Girls, come back!

Thanks for indulging me in my rant. For someone else’s viewpoint, you can go here. Also, I’m considering putting all of my TV-related blogs on my old blogspot account. That way people can just go there for that if they want and those who don’t care about that stuff won’t have to read it. What do people think? Would anyone go read the other blog? I’d post any news about Gilmore Girls and other shows that interest me, and provide weekly commentary on GG and Everwood. Tell me what you think!

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