I’m (not so) Famous!

Dear readers, humor me for a moment and let me share what I deem to be exciting news. (Keep in mind that my threshold for excitement is very low, as I spend most of my time reading boring stuff, so even the wind blowing is exciting.) Anyway, the following is an excerpt from this week’s AskAusiello column, an online column on TVGuide’s website that deals with all the latest scoop on several different shows:

Question: Please tell me someone (SPOILER) isn’t really going to die on Everwood (Ask Ausiello 11/2)! I’m so crushed about that! How “major” a character are we talking? — Erin

Ausiello: Major enough to coax Greg Berlanti back into the fold.

Guess who that Erin is? Me!!! I read Ausiello’s column every week, since I am a professed addict of Gilmore Girls and want to read everything I can get my hands on concerning the show, including spoilers. Anyway, Ausiello is a huge Gilmore fan who actually made a cameo appearance on the show last season, and so not too long ago I made it my personal goal to get a question in his column. Since then I have emailed Ausiello faithfully every week with different questions, but to no avail. Last week, I decided to change my tactic. His recent favorite show has been Everwood, which I also happen to love, so I thought maybe if I asked a question about a HUGE (or as The Donald says it, YOOGE) spoiler he’d revealed the previous week I would have a better chance of getting in the column. Plus, not as many people ask about Everwood as Gilmore Girls. And sure enough, when I read the latest column, there was my question buried halfway down! This probably interests no one but me, but I just had to share. (And really, if you’re a fan of shows like Lost, Alias, Everwood, CSI, and of course GG, among others, you should check out the column! But only if you don’t mind being spoiled every once in a while!)

Side note: in case you don’t know what a spoiler is, it’s any info about a show that comes out before the episode with said info airs. For a good example of a spoiler site, go here.

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