Proud (?) to be a Vol

According to one of the ads on facebook, Playboy has ranked UT as one of the nation’s top 10 party schools. Even better, they’re currently on campus through Nov. 9 looking for girls to pose. I’ve never been so proud to be a Vol. (I wish there were some sort of sarcasm indicator, kind of like a bold or underline feature or something, but then again I guess part of the point of sarcasm is that it’s more subtle.)

In other news, the latter part of this semester is both creeping by and slamming into me full force. How can that be?

Random tidbits:
1. I just got The Riverside Chaucer, brand new, for $40 on ebay (note how much it costs on Amazon). I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally jazzed. (Are the kids still saying “jazzed” these days? Were they ever? If I’m saying it, probably not.) I was even more jazzed by the fact that a class I’m taking next semester requires it, so I had a legitimate reason to buy it.

2. It’s way too warm here to be November. If we’re having to run the air conditioner in our apartment in November, there’s a problem.

3. You know you’re a college/grad student when the closest you come to cooking a “real” meal is Hamburger Helper. And you like it.

4. I love how all of the trees seemed to change color at the same time. It’s positively magical. Isn’t God a genius? Seriously.

(I had the weirdest urge to end this entry with “And then I found $5.” What’s going on??)

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