I got my first birthday card today (thank you, Steven)! I also got a bulletin from that church I visited. I guess since I wasn’t there on Sunday they sent me that instead? They sure are thorough! I also got a package from my mom, but I am going to try and exercise all of my willpower and not open it until tomorrow. We’ll see how long I hold out.

Tonight the birthday celebration officially begins. I am going to eat at P.F. Chang’s for dinner with Elizabeth and 6 girls from the English department, and then we are going to head down to the strip to hear some band play. I love P.F. Chang’s, and I’m always up for some live music, so it should be fun. And it’s nice to feel like I kind of sort of might have some friends. 🙂 Then tomorrow I plan on making a little visit to my friend Barnes & Noble (I’ve neglected her of late) and then Saturday night I’m going to see a play on campus with a couple of people. It’s so weird that I’m going to be 24 tomorrow. I don’t feel 24, and just to show how much I am a product of my Southern heritage, I feel as though at 24 I should already have a kid or at least be married or something. Good thing I’m a new generation of woman. Riight. Have a lovely evening, friends!

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