I’ve had a great break. I’ve gotten little to zilch work done, but I’ve also gotten lots of birthday presents, so I’m okay with that. Today I went shopping with my mom, and she bought me lots of cute clothes, and I also have received Crash (yay!), a scarf/gloves/hat combo that is way cute, some pens (I haven’t bought pens for myself in ages, and my dear friend Lindsay knows my unhealty addiction to them and supplied me with some fun colored ones), and a mix CD (also from Lindsay) entitled “The Best of the 90’s: When You Just Need to be a Preteen Girl.” It includes such classics as “Genie in a Bottle,” “Bye Bye Bye,” “Oops, I Did It Again,” and of course, “Oom Bop.” Fun times indeed. (I didn’t look up the actual spelling of that last song so tell me if it’s wrong.)

It was wonderously wonderful to be with my friends for a few days, and hanging out with my family this weekend has also been just what the doctor ordered. My parents, brother, and my 3 grandparents and I all went to dinner tonight at Bahama Breeze, and it was positively scrumptious, and then we came back home and had some of the homemade carrot cake my mom made in honor of my birthday. (Carrot cake is my favorite.) The only thing that stinks about all of these premature presents and celebrations is that my actual birthday is going to be a real snooze fest. What can I do for fun on my actual birthday? Throw a party for myself? Woohoo! I wish all of my friends lived in Knoxville. Oh well. My life is far from awful, so I’ll not complain any further. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

P.S. My parents also gave me the fourth season of Gilmore Girls, and it’s so great! I’d forgotten a lot of what happened in the fourth season, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the stroll down memory lane.

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